Earn tokens by watching videos

Register now and start mining. Watcher token is the way of earning money by watching Youtube videos. You can spend you tokens for others to watch your videos.

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Our system

The system is extremely simple. You can earn tokens by watching added videos of other members from all over the world. You can have others watch your videos by spending tokens. You can gain viewership from real computers in a completely organic and unique way. If you don't want any viewership, you may sell your tokens and convert them into money.


Watcher token is mineable. Download the miner and start earning now.

Have others watch your video

You can have others watch your video by using the tokens you have collected. You can be popular on Youtube!

Convert tokens into money

You can sell the tokens to customers who want to have their videos watched.



Watcher token is a token created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Contract address : 0xddB88941E9a963BFE3545A479Db1b6af5031bCeD
It can be used with Metamask wallet.
It is based on the principle of watching Youtube videos. Users come up with a price for their videos, and miners earn tokens by watching these videos.

Users both earn money, and have their videos watched. A strong computer is not needed for the miner. You can start earning money with the computers that you don't use in your house.


Technical Topics

You can only enter the system with a reference code. A user with no reference code is not considered a member. Please find somebody who can be a reference to you.
Total offering : 52.000.000
Mining reward: 10.000 per day (10% less every year than the previous year)
Reserved for the developer team: 10.000.000
Reserved for total sale: 10.000.000
Reference income: 10% (from buying, watching and mining)


The start of mining: July 2022
The start of pre-sale: August 2022
The feature of adding the videos: October 2022
Other social medias (TikTok, Instagram etc.): January 2023
Agreement with stock market: August 2023

System data

Active miners (Last 24 hour) : 2304
Average mining award per miner : 4.76370342
Watched videos (Last 24 hour) : 921501
Average ref award (Last 24 hour) : 0.52936751